Film, Cinema Advertising, Video, DVD, CD/ROM, Web, Presentation Graphics, Corporate Identity, Annual Reports, Logo Design, Website Marketing, Brochures, Signage, Print production.

Contract Hot Media for a complete conceptualising, production and design service: Marketing tools, sales aids, presentation graphics, package design, corporate identity, advertising, website creation, interactive media, television and cine commercials, corporate promotional and training videos.

film video and presentation        film video and presentation        print and graphic design            radio film and video                web and interactive design            print and graphic design

Simply put, we aim for better brand recognition, increased turnover and profitability for our clients. As in our slogan, we hope you will give us the opportunity to assist in "making YOU happen".

clients include:SAB, UN, CSIR. GCIS, Dept of Labour, WBS, CCMA, 702, Radio Highveld, Translux, Ablemed Security, Solidarity, WITS, Edu - Afrika & Nedcor Legalwise,

Film and Video production
Graphic Design and Corporate Identity
Multimedia and motion graphics
Web design and site promotion